Own It

“Consistency, repetition, no decision- This is the way to develop the ease of a true habit.” -Gretchen Rubin

Ease. Habits should be easy. They should be automatic and shouldn’t require thought or decision. Like brushing your teeth. You don’t think about it; you just do it. When you get in the car you put on your seatbelt…again, no thought. Automatic. Habits are just part of you.

But developing a habit isn’t always easy. Usually, it’s not. It takes motivation to begin and momentum to stick. The beginning of habit formation is crucial. There is conflicting research on how long it takes to turn a behavior into a true habit. 21 days. 30. 66-67. A lifetime. I believe it’s completely circumstantial. Here’s the biggest tip I have.

I got it from The Healthy Habit Revolution.

Ownership. Whatever habit you’re wanting to develop, you have to OWN that behavior. Ya know how some people say “I just have to have my morning coffee” or “I’ll see you later after my workout.” And other people would say “I had coffee this morning” or “yeah, I should get a workout in”. The first person owns their behaviors. Drinking morning coffee and working out are part of who they are…simply an extension of their identity…another limb.

My arm. My leg. My coffee. My workout.

Whereas the second person does the same behaviors, but it’s not part of their identity…which is fine; but if they are wanting to develop these things as habits, they are less likely to stick.

So when you’re developing, you need to consider owning that behavior. Change your language around it. Welcome it into your life with open arms. “I just love eating vegetables at every meal” instead of “I have to get 5 serving of greens a day, according to my diet plan.” Another way to create ownership is to say things like “I am a biker” or whatever it is. I AM this, I AM that. I DO this, I DO that. Make the habit literally part of what you DO and who you ARE.

Even if it’s a lie at first, just say it. You’re not really lying because with consistency and repetition, in about 21 (or 30 or 66 or 67) days, it will become part of you anyway.

OWN IT, girl.

I am Back

Hello- I’ve decided to start blogging again. WEEKLY. I really enjoy writing my thoughts for any(random)one to see on the internet. My latest obsession is studying habits. It’s so fascinating. People develop habits in different ways…it’s certainly not a one size fits all kind of thing. I’m currently into Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin. So a lot of what I write will come from what I’m learning in that book. Let’s start with the 4 tendencies she defines people being:

Upholders- Respond readily to both outer and inner expectations…loves getting gold stars.

Questioners- Questions expectations, and will meet the expectation if they believe it is justified. They are motivated by solid reason, but not stupid rules like “don’t jaywalk” and “don’t running red lights if no one is around”.  SPOILER ALERT: I am a questioner, with upholder tendencies.

Rebels- Just completely going to the beat of their own drum. There is not necessarily a rhyme or reason for what they will and won’t do. Absolutely hate expectations and routine.

Obligers- As the name implies, these folks do everything for other people.  They meet outer expectations, but struggle with inner.

So knowing what you are will certainly change the way you develop habits. You can take a little quiz to see your tendency here.

That’s it for today. But I’ll be working on my new habit of blogging weekly, so please uphold me to that expectation!

Homemade Makeup!

Here’s the deal. In our modern world, our poor bodies are inundated with toxins. It’s just unavoidable. I bike to work a lot which, I think you’ll agree, is a healthy behavior. Half of the ride is on the street next to cars, though, and the whole time I’m inhaling exhaust. I suppose I could wear a face mask, but until then…like I said…toxins are unavoidable. But, if you can manage to escape some of them, that’s good. Which is why I’ve gotten really into DIY (read: hippie) home care products.

Recently, my compact of powder got dropped (damn you, clumsy hands) and shattered to pieces, so it was time to shop for a new one. I usually get Physician’s Formula, which is a somewhat safer brand (according to EWG’s Skin Deep website) made with “mostly” organic products. As I read the ingredient list though, I just wasn’t pleased. There were words that sounded chemical-ly. And that one compact is like $12! Then it dawned on me, “put those clumsy hands to work and make your own, you damn hippie.”

photo 1

And so I did. And it smells wonderful, it stays on well, it’s about the right shade and I feel good knowing exactly what is in it. I got this recipe from a $2.99 Kindle book called All Natural Living. I added more cornstarch because I’m a delicate shade of porcelain (read: super pale), and I didn’t use any essential oils because I prefer loose powder.


It was really the easiest thing ever. I even had all the ingredients at home. Another great resource for DIY recipes is website is DIY Natural. Cleaners, body care, makeups, etc. Make something and let me know how it turns out.

Peace, love, bare feet and B.O. to you all,  Heather Moon Harvest Hubbard

Gluten Free Girl Scouts, Airport Workouts and Crockpots

Girl Scout cookies have now gone gluten free! I have been hoping this would happen. Now, if only every kids program and organization that does food selling fundraisers would follow suit, I’d be even happier.

I love working out at the airport! I figure if you’re about to sit for hours on end, you might as well move as much as you can before. This article tells you all the best airports for fitness and health. I’d love to check out some of these! But for now, I’ll just lunge through DIA as I wait on flights.

I’m getting pretty into my crockpot lately. I’d like to try all these recipes.  Particularly this one for Buffalo Chicken & Eggplant Lasagna Bomb.

Speaking of gluten free, I think companies are going a little overboard on labeling “gluten free”. Check out this bag of epsom salt I bought last night. Seriously? People don’t know it’s gluten free?!


Since I know it has no gluten, I’m definitely gonna eat it.



Hello readers. I am alive and well, yes thank you. As you know from my homepage, I opened a studio about 4 months ago. It keeps me quite busy and it’s been going really well. It is so much fun; I feel bad charging people because it doesn’t feel like work for me (but I’m still gonna charge). It’s just so great to have a bunch of people hanging out and working out at their own pace while enjoying it.Studio Photo

Check out my instragram stream to see more pics! And if you want to come check it out, first session is free.  See my homepage for more info.

Happy Monday!

Power Snacks

Hello! I hope you’re all doing well…I’ve been so bad about blogging much and that is all gonna change…NOW! Once a week baby, once a week (is it OK if I call you baby?).

photo (2)

Alive and Radiant Kale Krunch are THE BOMB in ever fathomable way. They are made from organic kale, which is important because kale is on the dirty dozen list. Also, they are delicious. Sometimes I eat the whole bag for a snack…which isn’t as bad as it sounds because that’s just 2 servings. 2 servings of perfection, that is. The price point is a little high at $5.99, but they are on sale A LOT at Whole Foods. Take it from me, don’t waste your time, money or taste buds on any other brand of kale chips….like Brad’s Raw Leafy Kale (pictured above). Most of them are more expensive, not organic and don’t taste like heaven. I’ve met the owner of Alive and Radiant, an adorable woman who goes by the name “Blessing”, and she is just that. A brilliant blessing who created my favorite snack of all time. OK I’m going a little over the top, I realize that, but I truly LOVE THESE FREAKING KALE CHIPS! Got it??  All the flavors are good, but this new one is my favorite by a small margin:




photo 1

I’m not a big bar person. They are usually just too dense and don’t leave you feeling like you ate much…aka a waste of calories. And most bars, even the really natural ones like Larabars, are too high in sugar and carbs. Then the low carb bars with a good amount of protein are full of artificial ingredients or taste chalky. That’s why Dale’s Raw Protein Bars are my pick. He has a low carb line even that have just 3g of sugar. He uses loads of organic ingredients, and these bars pack a powerful protein punch at 22g. The price point is high and you have to pay for shipping, but he runs deals pretty often…I recently bought 3 boxes for the price of 2. The bars don’t have preservatives of any kind, so they last longer in the fridge or freezer. I enjoy eating mine right out of the freezer and dipping it in coffee. It’s like a delicious donut. I’ve tried several flavors, my favorite is low carb graham cracker.

photo 3 photo 2

That’s it for today! I encourage you to get out there and try some tasty, healthy snacks…whether it be these or something else you find.

2013 Goal Update

Over halfway through 2013! It’s really just going by crazy fast. I wanted to write a quick update on those goals I set back in January. Check the post out here.

1- 15 minute meals. I haven’t been working on this very consistently. Sometimes I eat nice and slow and mindfully, but more often I hurry my way through meals or eat with a ton of distractions.

2 – Wait 5 hours before spending money online. I started out strong on this one, but quickly crumbled and went back to impulse buying. This is a good reminder to go back to thinking through online purchases more…it’s just so easy to buy with one click these days.

3 – Learn/Use Adobe Premiere and Suite software. YES! I have gotten to know Premiere much better and really like it. I’ve taken tutorials and used it quite a bit recently. Yay for professional growth!

4 – More Social Time. Definitely. Also, I have a boyfriend now. I just wanted to say that.

5 – 2,000 pull ups.  I am at 990. So a little behind for the year, but I don’t have any doubt I’ll catch up. I got a trainer recently (YES, trainers can have trainers) and it seems that I’m either too tired or too sore from his workouts to do much extra muscle work lately.

6 – Take Ping Pong Lessons. I slowed way down on my ping playing this year. And ya know what, I’m OK with that.  I’ll keep it as a hobby.

7 – 100 Yoga Classes. I am at 57! My favorite style of yoga is Restorative or Nidra. Super relaxing and great for your parasympathetic nervous system.

8 – Make Rebounding Videos. Another dream that died. I still jump on my rebounder a few times a week at least.

9 – Volunteer. I’ve done some this year and have some more planned. Always fun!

10 – Conquer the Overindulgence Dragon. Kind of like number 1, sometimes I’m on point here and sometimes I’m way off. I am taking a mindful eating class starting next week and I’m excited to apply some principles I learn there to my everyday life.

Cheers to 2013! 6 more months to make it rock.

Really Into Smoothies? Read.

Check out this great article: Not So Smooth(Ie) Moves…

This is my favorite part of the article:

“You’re probably reading this thinking,“What the heck is wrong with my spinach-apple-beet-carrot-parsley and sometimes protein powder concoction?” Well, let’s talk about it. Liquids hit the system much more quickly than solid food (even after you chew it). The rapid transit requires an immediate and marked insulin response to get that sugar out of your blood.  Your body doesn’t know the difference between the sugar in a ‘green drink’ and the sugar in a soda. (I’m sorry if this completely ruins your year – it’s the truth). Sure, the juice or smoothie has some vitamins and minerals that the soda most definitely doesn’t, but if you’re looking to get lean – step away from the blender. Your beta-cells will thank you. And yes, when you throw 2 pounds of spinach, 3 carrots, a handful of berries, ½ an apple and a scoop or two of protein powder in the blender and push start, the end result is still a form of sugar (with some protein thrown in for good measure). Next time you’re getting ready to fire up the old juicer or concoct a new smoothie creation, I want you to try eating all of the food you’re planning to pulverize. Could you?”

There’s a time to drink calories…like when you’ve decided to indulge in alcohol one evening, or when you make a delicious coconut milk latte, or when you’re sipping Kombucha to get some extra probiotics. But if a huge smoothie or juice is part of your everyday life, IN ADDITION to eating a normal amount of calories, you may want to re-evaluate that.

Cheers to eating real food!

Gummies: Post-Workout Perfection

Gummies are not just for kids and junk foodies. I am so into them right now. No, not the store bought, corn syrup filled ones shaped like animals. Pu-lease. I found a recipe for making gummies with just 3 ingredients: lemon juice, blueberries and Bovine Gelatin.

3 ingredients

They are not only super easy to make and super tasty, but they also pack a powerful punch in terms of health. Let’s look at the nutrient break down of the entire recipe (I break it up into 2-ish servings):

cals: 336 / fat: 0 / carbs: 36 / sugar: 18 / fiber: 4 / protein: 49

Because of that high protein and somewhat high carb content, I’ve decided these are the perfect post workout snack. After a workout you can get away with upping your carbs, but you do want to limit your fat intake during that window. A lot of people do a protein shake for the post workout snack, but these are way more fun.

You can vary the recipe too….use other berries and/or use apple juice instead of lemon for more sweetness. Maybe add some form of sugar. Use half coconut water, half lemon juice. Add nuts, seeds or berries for texture. There is just so many possibilities! Next time I’m gonna add more bovine gelatin to get even higher protein content. A note about the gelatin: it’s a tasteless powder…it just thickens everything up in the same way chia seeds do. And the amazingly high amount of protein (12g per tablespoon) makes it super awesome. I add it to soups a lot as well…you could also throw it in smoothies if you’re into that sort of thing.

The gummies are so easy to make. Here’s how:

Heat the berries (1 cup) and lemon juice (2/3 cup) on the stove until they steam just a little, blend them, let cool for a few minutes, add the gelatin (4 tbls) and blend again, pour into a glass dish, put in fridge, wait 1 hours, remove from fridge, cut into squares.



And you don’t have to limit these to post workout…these would also be great for kids (or you) to have a healthy snack. Or for a dessert if you’re feeling the munchies at night. Beware though; they do melt in heat. But if that happens, just put them back in the fridge and harden up again. Enjoy a new, tasty way to get loads of protein!

Thing I Eat Often

Since going more “bulletproof”, I thought people might be curious to know what I’m eating a lot of. Again, here is the bulletproof food infographic. It is scaled based on mycotoxin load. Additionally, I am going very low carb right now to drop some pounds. It’s working.

bulletproof coffee
Bulletproof coffee. Breakfast of the champs. The key here is the MCT oil I blend into the coffee. I’ve never been on crack, but I assume it’s a similar feeling. I get a huge rush of energy and mental clarity and focus. It’s amazing. And addictive. The best part is that it’s super good for your brain and body…unlike crack cocaine. I highly, highly recommend that you try it. It doesn’t have to go in your coffee; you can use it on food or just take a spoonful plain. It’s pretty tasteless, so it goes down easily with anything. I also add upgraded vanilla and chocolate. The drink is delicious, warm, frothy and fills you up with all that fat (butter and MCT Oil).

brothchicken noodle soupchili
Broth. I make bone broth every week with either chicken or beef bones. It’s really easy. I’ve been using this recipe lately and it works pretty well. Broth is so beneficial to your gut and it gives you a serious dose of some trace minerals that are hard to get anywhere else; along with collagen and gelatin. I often drink it with just some nori seaweed in it. I also recently make a “chicken noodle soup” with kelp noodle, shredded chicken and veggies. And I used it in the Well Fed Chocolate Chili recipe.

Sardines and Baby Food
Sardines. If you know me at all, or read this blog at all, you know this already. I think sardines are the most convenient, high quality source of protein and fat…forget all those densely packed bars and protein powders…just go fishy. And yes, I ate baby food. It’s another healthy convenience food. This picture was taken on a ski day; a day that convenience was important.

egg wrapsphotoEat the Yolk
Duck eggs (and more seaweed). Duck eggs are THE BOMB! They taste so good. They are not only bigger, but the yolk is richer. Check out that comparison (second pic) of a chicken egg and a duck egg. Hello HUGE! Yolks are full of choline and other great nutrients and vitamins…so DON’T SKIP THE YOLK, YOU EGG WHITE ONLY EATING WEIRDOS! But do make sure you’re eating high quality eggs from pastured chickens or ducks. (Side note, choline is especially important if you’re trying to conceive or are breast feeding…like, 5-7 yolks a day important. Eat up, Mama’s!) I recently started poaching eggs and OH WOW!  that yolk makes the most amazing sauce. Below, I put 2 poached eggs on some veggie curry. WINNING.

poached eggs and curry
This curry paste is modern miracle. It taste good on everything. I make curry very often with just this paste, coconut milk and turmeric (my go-to seasoning because of the anti-inflammatory properties). Plus, it’s such a good price for a pretty huge tub!

ginger ale
Homemade ginger ale. 1/2 a lemon or lime, 2/3 a bottle of carbonated water, 1/3 bottle of ginger tea (cooled after brewing). No need for sweeteners, but you could add stevia or xylitol. Owning a soda stream is life changing…I never knew how much fun I could have with bubbles and filtered water.

coconut chips chocolate
90% dark chocolate, coconut flakes, tea and/or more coffee. Because you’ve got to have your “vices”.

One more note, I think seaweed is quite important in the diet, obviously. If you want to read more about it, see this past blog post I wrote alllllllll about the benefits of sea vegetables.