A Day in My Life (Food Edition)

A lot of people wonder what I, as a Primal life enthusiast, eat on a daily basis. So I thought I’d show you. This was Monday, January 16th.  Enjoy.

I always start the day with coffee. Usually with canned coconut milk (steamed on the stove), but today I used heavy whipping cream. I put the teaspoon there to show you that it doesn’t take much heavy whipping cream to make your coffee delicious and creamy. Plus, dairy is a moderation food on the Primal Pyramid, so I don’t use a lot. And when I do use it, I always get the highest quality, full fat dairy I can find. Cinnamon on top!

Breakfast was 2 eggs cooked in grass-fed butter with a huge dollop of salsa. I always get the best quality eggs I can find….it is worth the extra few bucks. 

Snack time! I had organic baby carrots dipped in my homemade Mayo, plus a few macadamia nuts (expensive, yes; but have greater health benefits than other nuts). 

I made Cauliflower Crust Pizza for lunch. All the ingredients were: cauliflower, egg, oregano, garlic, garlic powder, chili pepper flakes, pizza sauce, cheese (high quality, full fat), ground turkey, and spinach. It fell apart a little, but tasted fantastic. SO EASY! 

Tea time. I love hot tea, especially on cold Denver days. Chai is my favorite…I always brew it with 2 tea bags for max flavor. I steamed a little bit of coconut milk (maybe 1/4 a cup or less) and threw that in. It’s the perfect afternoon drink. 

Dinner: I didn’t eat. I was too full from the pizza. What you can’t tell in that picture is that it was HUGE…like 2 servings. I was feeling a little run down this day, so I just hydrated a lot with water, a little coconut water and one glass of red wine after a chair massage**.

Listening to your body is a big part of being Primal. A lot of people cannot fathom skipping a meal. But if your not hungry, you shouldn’t eat. Your body is this magical thing that has a voice…we’ve learned to hush that physical voice in our modern society, and instead listen to our taste buds and mental/emotional pleasure centers. When you start eating Primally, the foods you eat really satiate you longer than a diet that is high in carbs and lower in fat. Because I’m so satiated, I often skip meals. And I use to be that person that NEVER would fathom such a thing. It’s just not a big deal now. Forcing myself to eat when my body says “no” is not appealing. DON’T FREAK OUT THOUGH! If you’re new to being primal, don’t think that you have to skip meals…this definitely comes with some time and learning to hear your body.

**What my body actually told me this day was, “Forget about eating anymore, go to Whole Foods and get a chair massage; because you are ALL kinds of knotted up”. I am so glad I listened, because I paid for 15 minutes, but the guy generously went for 30 minutes. And we talked about doing a massage trade for some video work that he needs. I love trade work…especially when it means I get MASSAGES!

If you like this post, leave a comment and let me know! I can definitely do more photo food logs/blogs! They’re fun. And my menu is different everyday!

6 thoughts on “A Day in My Life (Food Edition)

  1. Very cool – I am starting to skip meals as well and trying to listen to my body. It feels wrong as I have always as a kid been the one at the dinner table encouraged to eat more (growing boy) and even when full would continue to eat as it was I think expected of me.

  2. Thanks for posting your day of food. It is hard to listen to your body cues, I am working on that. Skipping meals, very scary, but I will hopefully recognize the signals to skip a meal if and when that occurs.

  3. Thanks for sharing, I made the switch to paleo two weeks ago and it’s fun to see what others eat. Now you need a post about your physical activity in the typical day.

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