A Peace Offering

I think everyone has that one part of their body they just (for lack of a better word) HATE. For me, that’s my abs. Belly. Mid-section. Core. I feel like my abs don’t match the rest of my body. If people see me in a swimsuit, they would think, wow she’s got a lot of muscle definition…except, what up with that flab in the middle?

I know in reality that’s not actually what people would think. They see the whole picture, and honestly don’t really care enough about MY abs to even think twice about them. But when it’s your body, you think about it. And think about and think about it. To the point of narcissism and complete ridiculousness.

The thing is, I am not genetically inclined to have a six pack. I’ve been trying really hard this month to test that theory…lots of fasted workouts, calorie reduction, protein shakes, core work. And really to no avail. So for me to get one of that crazy, and rarely seen, chick six pack, I would have to get really extreme…to a point I’m not really willing to go.

Last night I read this blog and it really put it all into perspective. Please read it in it’s entirety if you’re a woman! This paragraph really hit me:

….regardless of what a woman looks like, I think we all need to take a step back and think about what is worth pursuing in our lives. I think its really easy to get distracted by chasing a certain level of attractiveness, but at some point we need to realize that there is so much more to life than looking amazing. And I personally am trying my best to move past being self conscious about the way I look, and realizing that I have more to offer the world than a ‘perfect’ body.

So, I’ve decided that, instead of relentlessly pursuing abs of steel, I’m going to make peace with my abs as they are. I have a really strong core actually, but I’m allowed to hold some extra fat there. Maybe I’ll start thinking it’s cute, even. In any case, my lack of six protruding muscles in the middle does not give me any less self-worth. I am so much more than just the way I look. And so are you. Another great line from the blog (go read it now!):

All I’m trying to say, ladies, is that there is so much more we have to offer the world than our looks, or our bodies.

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